Our Father

Where Are the Fathers?

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Our Father
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Published March 2012

Explores the issue of fatherhood as it relates to the African American family

Ernest Lyght and Johnathan Keaton are fathers and United Methodist Bishops who have come together to share their firsthand experience of the responsibilities, trials, and joys of fatherhood. With God the Father as their example, Bishops Lyght and Keaton take a look at their own fathers, themselves as fathers, the fathers of the church and the lack of fathers in the homes of African-American families. They lift up examples given to us by Jesus of how fathers can nuture, hold accountable and affirm those around them in the same way God does.

About the Authors

Ernest S. Lyght

Ernest S. Lyght is a retired bishop of The United Methodist Church. He is co-author of Many Faces, One Church; Our Father; and Confessions of Three Ebony Bishops, all published by Abingdon Press. He lives in Delanco, New Jersey.

Jonathan D. Keaton

Dr. Jonathan D. Keaton is Resident Bishop of the Illinois Area of the United Methodist Church.