Wisdom from Lyle E. Schaller

The Elder Statesman of Church Leadership

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Wisdom from Lyle E. Schaller
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Published October 2012

Practical lessons and timeless advise for every church leader, from the original, one-and-only Lyle Schaller.

One poll declared him the most influential American church leader of the last 100 years. Lyle E. Schaller has written literally millions of words of insight and advice for church leaders. His books alone number nearly 60 titles and span 40 years of publication, beginning in 1964.

Now, this single volume makes available his best insights, organized by topic and framed with fascinating background perspective of Schaller himself. This volume both introduces Schaller to a new generation of church leaders and is a handy resource for those who grew up on Schaller's writing and count him as a major ministry influence.

About the Author

Lyle E. Schaller

Lyle E. Schaller was the country's leading interpreter of congregational systems and their vitality. He was the author of dozens of books, including From Geography to Affinity, also published by Abingdon Press. He lived in Naperville, Illinois.