Lead Like Butler

Six Principles for Values-Based Leaders

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Lead Like Butler
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Published November 2012

Leadership principles from college basketball's favorite underdog

Brad Stevens is a great coach, admired and respected for developing winning teams year after year. His patience and never-give-up attitude will take him a long way as Coach of the Boston Celtics. - Larry Bird, Boston Celtics 1978-1992; President, Basketball Operations Indiana Pacers

Coach Brad Stevens made Butler University the first team to make 2 consecutive finals of the NCAA basketball tournament without being seeded #1 or #2.

Lead Like Butler is a must read for any college basketball fan. - Chris Coddington, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

...a must read for those who desire to win in life, as well as in the arena of competition. - Jim McCoy, KDOV-TV & KDOV-FM 

What becomes quickly apparent is that the enduring ideas of humility, passion, teamwork, service, gratitude, and accountability prove applicable tenants in all aspects of life. - James M. Danko, President, Butler University

Anyone who desires a more authentic pathway toward leadership and excellence will benefit from learning to “Lead Like Butler.” - Michael Coyner, bishop, Indiana Area of The United Methodist Church

Butler's rise to the top wasn't a fluke. This is a must read for others wanting to achieve greatness. - Billy Shepherd, Butler University, Class of 1972, and Indiana's "Mr. Basketball-1968"

Whether at work, at home, or even at play, the values of humility, passion, unity, service, thankfulness, and accountability can help you shape your group into a successful example for others. - Jamie Phillippe, Board of Trustees, Butler University, Class of 1973

Lead Like Butler is an important contribution to the canon of leadership literature on and off the hardwood. - Jennifer L. Bougher, Esq. Arent Fox, LLP (New York), member of Butler University Alumni Association Board of Directors

About the Authors

Kent Millard

Kent Millard is a Gratitude Coach for thousands of congregations in the Midwest and former senior pastor of St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has served as a member of the leadership team for the Academy of Spiritual Formation program sponsored by the Upper Room. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.