From Crisis to Christ

A Contextual Introduction to the New Testament

By Paul N. Anderson Published
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Understanding the New Testament through a contextual lens.New, valuable understandings of the historical and religious contexts of New Testament writings continue to emerge. This accessibly written introduction examines over two dozen such crises and how the biblical text addresses, reflects, and embodies them. From the ministry of Jesus, to the rise and propagation of the Christian movement, to the epistles of Paul and other leaders, to a vision of God's final cosmic victory, the New Testament books are succinctly introduced in literary, historical, and theological perspective.

Designed for optimal classroom use, each chapter offers four primary features: (a) definition and exploration of relevant contextual crises; (b) connections with the biblical writings; (c) primary features of the biblical narrative; and (d) an application section that engages the student directly and invites thoughtful response. 


"Paul Anderson has achieved the remarkable and rare balance that many seminary professors long for in a textbook. That balance takes many forms. He is neither overly apologetic, nor overly iconoclastic. Knowledge and practice of Christian faith accompany one another. Anderson takes seriously, in equal parts, attention to historical, literary, archaeological, theological, and experiential considerations of each text in the New Testament canon. Comprehensive, but not overwhelming; detailed, but not boring; committed, but not overbearing, Anderson's style will benefit many students of the New Testament for years to come."

--Rev. Dr. Jaime Clark-Soles, Professor of New Testament, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

"Written by a seasoned scholar and practitioner of Christian faith, Anderson's book avoids the deadly 'either-or' fallacy of many introductory New Testament textbooks and, instead, effectively balances history, literary study, archaeology, theology, and engaged Christian faith. This is the intro textbook I have been looking for as a seminary professor. It may not be the 'pearl of great price' itself, but it certainly testifies to said pearl masterfully."

--Rev. Dr. Jaime Clark-Soles, Professor of New Testament, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

"Truth be told, most New Testament survey books I have read are utilitarian – they offer basic information about the biblical text. Paul Anderson has achieved something rarely found in such textbooks. From Crisis to Christ is engaging as well as informative. He takes the biblical text, often treated in a static black-and-white way, and sets it into the brilliant colors of real life in the world of Jesus, the apostles, and the first Christians. I warmly recommend it for beginning students."

-Dr. Nijay K. Gupta, Assistant Professor of New Testament, George Fox Evangelical Seminary, Portland, Oregon

About the Author

Paul N. Anderson

Author of nearly 200 published essays and several books, Paul N. Anderson is Professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies at George Fox University, where he has taught an annual introduction to the New Testament course for more than 20 years. Anderson also serves as Director of the George Fox University Congregational Discernment Project. His PhD is from the University of Glasgow, Scotland; and M.Div. from Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Indiana.