Start This, Stop That

Do the Things That Grow Your Church

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Start This, Stop That
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Published November 2012

Less Talking, more doing.

We need less conventional wisdom and more creative leadership.

Not all of the advice you’ve heard on church growth works. Judging by results, most doesn’t. It’s time we re-evaluate the standard thinking on how to grow a church, especially considering new voices questioning the worth of church growth.

Jim Cowart is shepherding an amazing story. 1800 professions of Christ in ten years have propelled Harvest Church from a church plant of four – Jim’s family – to a thriving community of Jesus disciples. Harvest is changing their world and having a party while they do it. Learn why conventional church thinking such as pastoral care, long-term planning, stewardship campaigns, committees and even staff inhibit church growth. Learn how to do less, and lead more people to Christ.

Jim and Jennifer Cowart are practitioners who are in the trenches and have repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to leading people to Jesus Christ. God has blessed their leadership through Harvest Church. Their church growth methods are not just good ideas but tried and true principles that work!  
--Ron Sylvia,  Lead Pastor, Church @ The Springs, Ocala, Florida

Start This, Stop That is a much-needed “how to” book that has the potential to help you take your church to the next level.  Jim and Jen Cowart are not mere theorists, but practitioners who have lived out these principles to build a dynamic church that is making a huge impact!  
-- Steve Stroope, Lead Pastor, Lake Pointe Church, Rockwall, Texas; and author of Tribal Church  

About the Authors

Jim Cowart

Jim Cowart is the founding pastor of Harvest Church, a United Methodist congregation in Warner Robins, GA, near Macon. Harvest launched in 2001, and has an average attendance of 3,000 each weekend.  The church grows primarily through professions of faith from new Christians. The innovative “community group” strategy is producing more than 350 small groups meeting in homes and workplaces.

Jim serves as a trainer and coach, helping pastors launch and maintain healthy church environments. For more information go to

Jennifer Cowart

Jennifer Cowart is the executive pastor at Harvest Church, a United Methodist congregation in Warner Robins, Georgia, that she and her husband, Jim, began in 2001. Today Harvest serves about 2,500 people in seven worship services weekly. With degrees in Christian education, counseling, and business, she oversees a wide variety of ministries and enjoys doing life and ministry with others. As a gifted Bible teacher and speaker, Jen brings biblical truth to life through humor, authenticity, and everyday application. She is the author of the Bible study Messy People: Life Lessons from Imperfect Biblical Heroes. In addition, she and her husband, Jim, have co-written several small group studies including Hand Me Downs and Living the Five. They are the proud parents of two children.