Tall Poppy

How to Lead without Losing Your Head

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Tall Poppy
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Published May 2013

Successful leaders have to take risks to reap the benefits.

In New Zealand, they have a saying: “Keep a low profile or, like the tall poppy, stand tall and get your head cut off.” While there are risks to standing out, there are also benefits: tall poppies have the best view and are positioned to have the clearest vision of the horizon. This practical book helps you weigh the costs and benefits of your leadership as you assess your own situation. It shows you how to move forward through inevitable conflict, while attending to the landmines and hazards of congregational life. After reading this book, you will lead with more confidence, better able to keep the vision and avoid distraction of immediate crises.

About the Author

Holly McKissick

Holly has given birth to two children, Eden and Ben, and two churches, Saint Andrew Christian in Olathe, Kansas and Peace Christian in Kansas City, Missouri. When she is not pounding the pavement for Peace church or progressive politics, you can find her on a long run with her dog, Satchel Paige.