Practical Grace

How to Find God in the Everyday

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Practical Grace
Paperback ISBN: 9781426753268
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Published June 2013

Considerations for everyday life – and everyday living.

Robert Hudnut combines depth, grace, and practical faith to bring us one of the most moving devotionals of the decade. Using scripture as a starting point, Hudnut creates engaging readings that bring faith near while carefully mining biblical principles to provide readers with tools for addressing everyday problems, helping them gain insight, and live lives of practical grace. For readers of classic devotionals like Oswald Chambers' My Utmost for His Highest, Hudnut now offers a contemporary counterpart for this generation.

In an astonishing dearth of quality day-books, this reader shines with both depth and substance. Rather than the anthology devotionals or treacly clichéd 365s of the past, Hudnut brings scripture to the fore, where each scripture serves, in effect, as the topic sentence, the starting point—and the ending point—for grace to enter our lives.

About the Author

Robert K. Hudnut

Robert K. Hudnut is a retired pastor, lecturer, and the author of twelve books, including “Arousing the Sleeping Giant” (Harper and Row), “Call Waiting: How to Hear God Speak” (Intervarsity), and “The Bootstrap Fallacy: What the Self-Help Books Don’t Tell You” (Collins). He graduated from Princeton University and lives in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.