Destination Unknown Missions

30 Excursions To Transform Your Community

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Destination Unknown Missions
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Published November 2012

Don’t just lead your youth to service—drive them

Take your youth on the road and watch them become Christ's hands and feet in your community.
Destination Unknown Missions provides 30 outings to places in your city or county where your group will be able to make a difference. In keeping with the Destination Unknown spirit, these excursions can be mystery trips, where the youth won't know where they're going until they get there. Or, for some of the destinations, you may decide that it's better to give the youth some information before you hit the road.

Regardless of how you do it, these trips will introduce your group to needs close to home and will show the youth ways that they can use their gifts and join with local agencies to meet these needs. Every destination includes a Scripture focus so that youth will understand how they are doing the work of God's kingdom by reaching out in their communities.

This book includes:
• 30 plans for 30 extraordinary, close-to-home mission-and-service programs
• A plan for a week-long youth mission camp
• Clear biblical connections with every activity
• Reproducible permission, registration, and volunteer disclosure forms

About the Author

Sam Halverson

Sam Halverson is minister with youth at First United Methodist Church in Lancaster, Ohio. He has also led workshops at national events for youth workers and is the author of the Abingdon Press books " Destination Unknown: 50 Mystery Trips", "55 Group-Building Activities for Youth" and "Open Doors, Open Arms: How to Reach New Youth". Sam has also contributed to Abingdon's "Combos for Youth Groups" series.