Organix - eBook [ePub]

Signs of Leadership in a Changing Church

Organix - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426753930
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Published November 2011

Does your leadershipstyle fit new ways of doing church--leadership that is organic and elasticand that finds ways to seize God-given opportunities? Looking back anddrawing on the ancient Christian tradition, Bob Whitesel describes seven traitsfor successful leadership, which he characterizes by seven symbols:
O   (the Greek symbol theta) – the firstletter of the Greek word theosstresses that God is the source of the burden for others and provides the powerto help them.
Rx (the medical prescription symbol) – an emphasis on addressing the spiritual and physical health of leaders.
G  (a stylized “G” for “graffiti”)– the edgy, colorful, and artful collages that help define contemporaryorganizations.
A  (inspired by the recyclesymbol) – the idea of recycling places, experiences and people rather thandiscarding them.
N  - emerging networks thatc9onnect people more quickly, efficiently, precisely and continuously.
I  - an emphasis on “incarnation”,a going “in the flesh” to serve others rather than sending surrogates.
X  (the Jerusalem crosswith a number in each quadrant) – four types of measurement observed inJerusalem (Acts 2:42-47), which at their core point to Christ’s work on thecross.


Taken together, these symbols spell out the word “organix” and represent a fundamentally new way to think about your church and how you can best lead.

About the Author

Bob Whitesel

Bob Whitesel is a sought-after speaker/consultant on changing a church and has been called “the key spokesperson on change in the church today.” He is the author of twelve books. He is the founding professor of Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University and a Fellow of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism (BGCE) at Wheaton College. When not helping churches bring about healthy change, he helps churches recapture the multiethnic and missional methods of John Wesley in popular “Land and Leadership of Wesley Tours” to England.  His websites are and