The Christian Agnostic

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The Christian Agnostic
Paperback ISBN: 9781426754333
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Published October 2019

Is it more important to follow Jesus, or to believe all the right doctrines about him? Is it better to forgive people than to judge them? Why do we find Jesus so much more appealing than those who call themselves his disciples? If you’ve asked these questions, you’re not alone; people have been struggling with them for years. Leslie Weatherhead was one of those people. A famous preacher and teacher, he nonetheless worried that Jesus’ radical message about loving and accepting others had become buried under a mountain of doctrines and rituals. And so Weatherhead wrote The Christian Agnostic for people who wanted to cut to the heart of the message of Jesus. This classic book looks at the gospel’s most essential truths about who God is and how God loves us. It then helps the reader distinguish these truths from all the theological baggage the church has attached to them over the years. If you’re searching for an authentic way to understand who Jesus is and how to follow him in today’s world, The Chirstian Agnostic is an indispensable guide for your journey.

About the Author

Leslie D. Weatherhead

Leslie D. Weatherhead's thoughtful and compelling writings brought him worldwide acclaim during his lifetime. He served as longtime pastor of City Temple in London. The Will of God is perhaps his best-known work.