Creating Holy Spaces

Worship Visuals for the Revised Common Lectionary

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Creating Holy Spaces
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Published September 2012

Tap into the creative nature that God gave each of us

Worship should be about more than just the ears. Worship is enhanced when we’re experiencing more than simply the spoken, read, and sung word. At its best, worship invites in the other senses as well, especially the eyes. Delia Halverson and Karen Appleby have written Creating Holy Spaces to help you make worship an exciting and meaningful visual experience.

The book contains suggestions for worship visuals tied to each Sunday of all three years of the Revised Common Lectionary. These visuals can be assembled on the altar, placed elsewhere in the sanctuary, or photographed to be used for projection. The weekly entries describe the readings for that Sunday and suggest visuals appropriate to each, creating a multisensory experience of worship bound up with the day’s lectionary theme. Also, the reader will find three appendixes that help with the planning and execution of visuals for each Sunday. Thanks to a topical index and a scripture index, it is easier for those not using the lectionary to also take advantage of the great ideas found here. Let Halverson and Appleby show you how to create balanced worship experiences each Sunday, while inspiring you to create your own unique holy spaces.

About the Authors

Delia Halverson

Delia Halverson, a Christian education specialist, is a veteran classroom and workshop leader with more than 20 years' experience. She has written extensively in the area of religious education and is the author of 32 Ways to Become a Great Sunday School Teacher, How to Train Volunteer Teachers, Leading Adult Learners and My Cup Runneth Over... Devotions for Teachers. She is the author of over fifteen books and is well known for her articles and curriculum writing. She lives in Woodstock, Georgia.

Karen Appleby

Karen Appleby is an ordained clergywoman from the Desert Southwest conference of the United Methodist Church. Her passions include leading retreats, workshops, spiritual direction and teaching.