Disciplina de La Iglesia Metodista Unida 2012

Book - Paperback
Disciplina de La Iglesia Metodista Unida 2012
Paperback ISBN: 9781426757709
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Published July 2013

Este es el libro en que la IMU plasma las leyes, normas y políticas con que se gobierna. Es un material cuadrienal.

The Book of Discipline sets forth the plan by which we United Methodists govern ourselves. It reflects our understanding of the Church and of what is expected of its laity and clergy as they seek to be effective witnesses in the world as a part of the whole body of Christ.

The Discipline includes our church Constitution, our history, our doctrinal standards, and our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ, as well as practical processes through which our congregations connect and support each other to reach the world.