A New Dawn in Beloved Community

Stories with the Power to Transform Us

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A New Dawn in Beloved Community
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Published February 2013

These stories and readers’ stories together build a new community.

Faith in Jesus Christ incorporates all Christians into the body of Christ, the invisible communion of all believers. But the church, as a human institution, remains broken and unable to embody fully this unity or oneness. Too often, the failure of Christians to manifest God’s love is rooted in differences in culture, traditions, or language that lead to fear and misunderstanding.

This book brings together a collection of stories--of songs--that give the reader insight, that provide examples of how to share stories and learn from them, and that ultimately can lead to a new way of understanding the concepts of beloved community and the body of Christ.

Linda Lee, Editor
Ray Buckley
Kabamba Kiboko
David Maldonado, Jr.
Asa Nausner
Elaine A Robinson
Rosetta Ross