Brief Dramas for Worship - eBook [ePub]

12 Ready-to-Use Scripts

Brief Dramas for Worship - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426760389
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Published September 2005

Brief Dramas for Worship provides dramas that are suitable for both contemporary and traditional worship services. They are appropriate for use instead of a sermon, or as the sermon. Included are questions and comments to use in a discussion following the service so that key insights from the biblical drama can be emphasized.
The scripts do NOT require memorization. Each drama includes extensive "helps" which identify possible sets, simple costumes, and a detailed worship outline, including hymn and praise song suggestions, original prayers, etc. These production notes provide effective, professional presentation instructions.
Permission is granted to reproduce scripts for use in congregational settings.
Most of these biblically-based dramas offer a woman's point of view about a scripture story or a scripture message. Some of the "main characters" are biblical people and others are contemporary people.
Dramas include: The Bethlehem Child; Margaret, a Grieving Mother Yearns for Her Wayward Son (Hosea 11:1); Bath Sheba and David; Lydia, Pilate's Wife; Martha, Prescription for Peace; Caroline: A Waitress Receives the Living Water; Eli's Wife: A Husband's Tale Brings Hope for Peace; and, Mattie May: A Mountain Woman's Tale of Gracious Plenty.

About the Authors

Karen F. Miller

Karen Farish Miller is an ordained elder in the UMC.  Since 2001 she has been District Superintendent of the Asheville District of the Western North Carolina Conference.

Brenda M. Newman

Brenda Motley Newman is an ordained elder in the UMC. She has served churches in the West North Carolina Conference for 16 years.