The Right Church - eBook [ePub]

Live Like the First Christians

The Right Church - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426761560
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Published September 2012

We invoke the ideals of the "early church," but do we really know what the early church believed or how it lived?

Many of us long for a faith like the first Christians. We speak ideally of the earliest followers of Jesus and use them authoritatively for current church doctrine and practice. But do we know what that means? What happens if we actually learn what early church leaders wrote? What might they be able to teach us?

A variety of contemporary, hot-button issues have surprising context to the early church. In the modern era, church leaders can learn from early church thinking on key ethical issues such as poverty and wealth, war, creation care, social issues and more. Take a peek into a lost era and discover surprisingly relevant insights into contemporary issues.

Includes a downloadable study guide.

About the Author

Charles E. Gutenson

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Gutenson is a church consultant andformer Chief Operating Officer of Sojourners. He previously served 10 years atAsbury Seminary in Kentucky, most recently as the professor of Theology andPhilosophy. He received an M.Div. from Asbury in 1995 and a PhD inPhilosophical Theology from Southern Methodist University in 2000. A member ofthe International Society of Theta Phi, an honor society for theological students, scholars in the field of religion and outstanding religious leaders,Chuck is the author of three books (one forthcoming) and numerous articles on avariety of theological and philosophical articles.