The Holy Spirit in the Wesleyan Heritage student

The Holy Spirit in the Wesleyan Heritage student - eBook [ePub]
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Published January 1985

Student Book. Gain fresh insight into The United Methodist Church's teachings about the Holy Spirit. This 8-session study explores how the Holy Spirit produces a faith that saves the individual through Jesus Christ. Also discusses the Wesleyan emphasis on Christian experience; historical movements for church renewal; and the contemporary charismatic movement.

Table of Contents:
1. The Spirit in the Old Testament
2. The Holy Spirit in the Four Gospels
3. Pentecost and Paul
4. The Holy Spirit and the Church
5. The Holy Spirit and the Wesleyan Emphasis on Christian Experience
6. Historical Movements for Church Renewal
7. The Contemporary Charismatic Movement
8. The Holy Spirit and Social Responsibility

Leader's Guide # 09780687045396

About the Author

Mack B. Stokes

Mack B. Stokes (1911-2012) was a retired Bishop in The United Methodist Church. He authored Major United Methodist Beliefs and Talking with God.