John and the Johannine Letters

By Colleen M. Conway Published
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A clear and concise introduction to John’s gospel and letters.While the book necessarily includes discussion of key concepts in Johannine scholarship (e.g., the existence or not of a distinctive Johannine community, questions regarding the gospel's sources and redactional layers), it also takes into account more recent developments in New Testament studies. It includes gender related issues with influence by postcolonial approaches as well as the influence of the Gospel's socio-political context in shaping its Christology and theology.

Chapters focus on the different approaches to the Johannine texts and view the Gospel and letters through the lens of each respective approach. Chapters also encourage observation and open with a brief scripture reading assignment,  followed by guiding questions to help students understand the key questions and themes for each approach. 


"This outstanding introductory text invites readers into a careful study of the Gospel of John and the Johannine Letters. Professor Conway is a superb guide, shining light on interpretive complexities of the Johannine literature while encouraging readers to reflect on details they might otherwise overlook. The book offers a clear introduction to historical, literary, theological, and ideological approaches to interpretation, with concise examples of the questions, answers, and challenges posed by each approach. In short, it is an exemplary overview, valuable for classroom and individual study alike."

Audrey L. S. West, Adjunct Professor of New Testament, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Chicago, IL

“Colleen Conway proves herself an intuitive teacher and a reliable guide to the Johannine literature. She surveys all the traditional questions while stretching readers toward fresh challenges—all in a readable, deeply informed volume.”

Greg Carey, Professor of New Testament, Lancaster Theological Seminary, Lancaster, PA

“If you’re looking for a ‘way in’ to the Johannine writings, start here. Conway describes the notoriously complex landscape of the texts and critical issues swirling around them in clear, accessible prose. Readers of this book will grow familiar with Johannine thought, as well as the ways in which scholars continue to probe the meaning and function of the Johannine literature. A truly superb resource for those who want to read John and the letters thoughtfully and responsibly.”

—Suzanne Watts Henderson, Associate Professor of Religion and Director for the Center for Ethics and Religion, Queens University of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC


About the Author

Colleen M. Conway

Colleen Conway is Professor of Religious Studies in the Department of Religion at Seton Hall University.  Her primary research focus in on the function of gender categories in biblical texts from literary, cultural and historical perspectives.