The Wesleyan Way DVD

A Faith That Matters

By Scott J. Jones Published
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Envision Christian discipleship as a way of life from a Wesleyan perspective.In this exciting and inspiring new study, Scott J. Jones helps seekers and believers to envision and practice discipleship as a way of life. Presenting Christianity from a Wesleyan perspective, Jones invites participants into a deeper, more thoughtful, more active commitment to Christ.

The DVD consists of 8 videos, one per session. Each video is 8-10 minutes in length and is made of of three parts:1) Introduction by Scott J. Jones Guest 2) Presenters specializing in the topic 3) Testimony or report about a changed life or church community. All video sessions are closed captioned.

Each week a different presenter shares their personal faith experience. Presenters include Adam Hamilton, Olu Brown, Felicia Hopkins, Jessica Moffat Seay, Jorge Acevedo, Rob Fuquay and author Scott Jones. Mini-videos conclude each week with an interview or ministry story from the presenter’s home church.

Session Titles
  • Following Christ Is a Way of Life (9:26)
  • Love Ultimately Wins (9:37)
  • It's a Good World with Issues (9:27)
  • Turn Your Life Around with Grace (9:39)
  • You Are Not Alone (9:56)
  • Transform Yourself and the World (9:46)
  • Invite Others on the Journey (9:10)
  • Christ No Matter What (10:12)
Bonus Clips - Faith Stories


About the Author

Scott J. Jones

Scott J. Jones is the Resident Bishop of the Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church and served as Bishop of the Great Plains area of The United Methodist Church. He was formerly the McCreless Associate Professor of Evangelism at Perkins School of Theology, where he taught courses in evangelism and Wesley studies. Previous books include The Wesleyan Way, The Evangelistic Love of God & Neighbor, Staying at the Table, and Wesley and the Quadrilateral, all published by Abingdon Press.

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