The Surprise Factor - eBook [ePub]

Gospel Strategies for Changing the Game at Your Church

The Surprise Factor - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426771347
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Published February 2013

Eight key behaviors for successful leadership

Principles for church leadership are important, but just as important is knowing when and how to implement them. This is strategy and it can make or break a leader’s work. Those who have been in ministry for a while may have a bag of leadership tricks. But what are the results? Nixon and Shockley explore eight key leadership behaviors that will help a church move successfully through its first season of transformation, putting it well on its way to becoming a dynamic, growing body of Christ. They report that ninety percent of existing churches never make it out of the first season of transformation and give guidance on how to turn around a stagnant or dying church.

About the Authors

Kim Shockley

(8.7.2012) Kim Shockley is Team Leader for the Toward Vitality project and has served the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference and the Florida Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. She trains, mentors, and coaches pastors and lay leadership teams nationally. For the past decade she and husband, Gary, have planted new congregations. They currently live in Castle Pines, Colorado.

Paul Nixon

Paul Nixon is author of four books on church leadership, including I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church! (Pilgrim Press, 2007) and Fling Open the Doors (Abingdon, 2002). Paul serves as a New Church Strategist for The United Methodist Church, as a coach for missional leaders across North America, and as part of the lead team for Sunday Night @ Foundry, a new faith community of diverse young adults in Washington DC. Previously he served as Director of Congregational Development for Alabama-West Florida Conference and as the founding pastor of the Soundside Campus of Gulf Breeze UMC in northwest Florida.