Never Fight Again . . . Guaranteed!

Groundbreaking Practices for a Win-Win Marriage

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Never Fight Again . . . Guaranteed!
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Published July 2014

Conflict arises through selfishness. Peace is found in sacrificial love.

What do couples fight about most? Is it sex, money, children, in-laws, or time management? The answer is: none of the above. Couples can get into power struggles over anything. It is not any specific subject, but the act of fighting, that drives us. We want what we don’t have and will fight to get it. And this drives a wedge between us and the ones we love.


In this book Dr. David B. Hawkins, bestselling author, psychologist, and advice columnist, outlines a plan of action to assure that you will “Never Fight Again . . . Guaranteed!” Dr. Hawkins argues for a paradigm shift that will take your relationship from one built on selfishness to one of sacrificial love. Once we do that, we give up the fight, care for ourselves and those around us, and change our hearts for the better.

About the Author

David Hawkins

Dr. David B. Hawkins (aka "The Relationship Doctor") is the weekly advice columnist for as well as a weekly columnist for He and his wife, Christie conduct weekend marriage retreats for churches, Women’s Ministries conferences, and Singles’ Ministries retreats. Dr. Hawkins travels extensively marketing his books, and has been featured on Focus on the Family, The 700 Club, Time for Hope, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Moody Bible Radio, and The Janet Parshall Show. Dr. Hawkins lives in Hansville, Washington. Find out more at