The Hebrew Bible for Beginners

A Jewish & Christian Introduction

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The Hebrew Bible for Beginners
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Published September 2015

An engaging introduction showing how the Hebrew Bible forms faith, then and now.

Jews call the Hebrew Scriptures the “Tanakh” and Christians call them the “Old Testament.” It doesn't take long to see that Jews and Christians view the same set of books differently and interpret these scriptures in unique and at times conflicting ways. The Hebrew Bible for Beginners introduces students to the tremendous influence the Hebrew Bible has had on western society for over two millennia and explores the complexities of reading ancient religious literature today. The book also addresses how certain modern critical approaches may initially be alarming, indeed even shocking, to those who have not been exposed to them, but it tackles the conversation in a respectful fashion. Avoiding jargon and convoluted prose, this highly accessible volume provides textboxes, charts, a timeline, a glossary, and regularly includes artistic renderings of biblical scenes to keep lay and beginning readers engaged.

About the Authors

Dr. Joel S. Kaminsky

Joel S. Kaminsky is the Morningstar Family Professor of Jewish Studies and professor of Bible in the religion department at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.