The Long View

Reflections on Life, God, and Nature

The Long View - eBook [ePub]
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Published October 2013

Thoughts and reflections from Siete Ranch.

Don Underwood’s weekly columns for the last 30 years have touched hearts and changed lives. This collection of some of his best reminds readers how God is ever present, in the heat of the summer and the prayed for rain, in the lives of the least likely acquaintance and the best loved parent. It is his celebration of the everyday and Underwood’s own recognition of the greatest beauty in the smallest of things that makes this a book readers will return to again and again.

About the Author

Don Underwood

Don Underwood, in his 30th year as Senior Pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas, is the author of a popular weekly blog and author of the The Long View: Reflections on Life, God, and Nature a collection of his much loved weekly essays.