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The Holy Spirit
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Published October 2015

“Come, Holy Spirit!” is the first and last prayer of the church, our only hope in life and death.

Do you realize what baptism really means?
Through the Holy Spirit we become part of the Body of Christ! The work
of the Spirit is often thought of as “inspirational,” but it’s more than
a personal experience and this book challenges some of those
individualistic and subjectivist accounts. You’ll come to understand
that the Holy Spirit is who God is and what God does as the Trinity. And
you’ll learn how to prayerfully embrace this gift that created the
church and become empowered to live out holy love and friendship in the
“Hauerwas and Willimon
are among the most reliable teachers of the church. Ours is a time when
faithful teaching is urgent in the church that is compromised,
bewildered and domesticated. This study by these trustworthy teachers on
the Holy Spirit is a robust affirmation of the way in which core claims
made concerning God’s Spirit matter concretely in the life of the
church. This book is an invitation to fresh learning, to repentance, and
to the recovery of missional nerve.”
-Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

too long many Christians have neglected the Holy Spirit; some even fear
the Holy Spirit. Hauerwas and Willimon challenge them to rediscover the
Comforter, the Advocate, for the renewal of the Christian church and
the world. This is a welcome and much needed corrective to common
Christian forgetfulness of the Spirit.”
-Roger E. Olson, Foy
Valentine Professor of Christian Theology and Ethics, George W. Truett
Theological Seminary, Baylor University

"The Holy Spirit is too
often considered the junior partner of the Trinity. Therefore, this book
by two eminent churchmen is a cause for celebration, reminding us of
the importance and vitality of an orthodox view of God's Spirit."
Jones, author of Did God Kill Jesus? andtheologian-in-residence at
Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis. He teaches theology at Fuller
Theological Seminary and United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.

these two long-time theologian-friends and disciples of Jesus, gather
in a room to write, you can be sure that you will hear a sound of a
rushing mighty wind, feel the heat of holy fire, and be ignited by
dynamite on the page as you read. Whether it be theTrinity, Pentecost,
holiness, or the last things, this is not just another book, this is
literary bread from heaven fed to you by anointed servants of the Holy
Spirit. Take, eat and be filled with the Spirit of Christ!"
-Luke A. Powery, Dean of the Chapel and Associate Professor of Homiletics, Duke University

engaging and accessible pneumatological overview,written by two leading
voices of theological wisdom and church renewal, is a rich
collaborative discussion, which weaves together poignant and
wide-ranging doctrinal insight (from the historic creeds, to the
Wesleyan heritage, to contemporary Pentecostalism), punctuated by
perceptive liturgical applications, fresh biblical expositions,
memorable testimonial observations, and passionate pastoral appeals –
all driving toward the earnest prayer of its authors, "Come, Holy
-Rickie D. Moore, Associate Dean of the School of Religion, Professor of Old Testament, Lee University

About the Authors

Stanley Hauerwas

Stanley Hauerwas is the Gilbert T. Rowe Professor Emeritus of Divinity and Law at the Divinity School at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. He has written a voluminous number of articles, authored and edited many books, and has been the subject of other theologians' writing and interest. He has been a board member of the Society of Christian Ethics, Associate Editor of a number of Christian journals and periodicals, and a frequent lecturer at campuses across the country.

Bishop William H. Willimon

Will Willimon is a preacher and teacher of preachers. He is a United Methodist bishop (retired) and serves as Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry and Director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Duke Divinity School, Durham, North Carolina. For twenty years he was Dean of the Chapel at Duke University. A 1996 Baylor University study named him among the Twelve Most Effective Preachers in the English speaking world. The Pew Research Center found that Will was one of the most widely read authors among Protestant clergy in 2005. His quarterly Pulpit Resource is used by thousands of pastors throughout North America, Canada, and Australia. In 2021 he gave the prestigious Lyman Beecher Lectures on Preaching at Yale Divinity School. Those lectures became the book, Preachers Dare: Speaking for God which is the inspiration for his ninetieth book, Listeners Dare: Hearing God in the Sermon.