Mastering Transitions in Leadership & Life

By Joseph W. Walker III Published
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God’s dream is always bigger than us, and this book will stretch you and empower your ministry.Foreword by Dave Ramsey. Dealing with cultural and congregational shifts are life and death. Our world isn’t slowing down, so only those who are willing to maneuver the tectonic cultural shifts will have sustainable ministry. From his extensive experience and using the biblical story of Joseph as an extended metaphor, Bishop Joseph Walker shares practical wisdom designed to help leaders reach out and equip their church to share a relevant Christian message.

Shifting approaches to follow where God leads can also mean that leaders have to risk confronting cherished tradition, which Bishop Paul Morton calls “frozen success.” But shifting to meet new opportunities is also a delicate balance that acknowledges history while also being sensitive to those loyal people who have sustained the organization to this point. Effective leadership does not impose new ideas upon old systems without a strategy that enables everyone in the organization moving forward together. It’s not simply, “out with the old and in with the new.” Successful organizations do not forget their history, but they commit themselves to using it as a bridge to propel them to their destiny.


“Shift Happens!” You’ve seen bumper stickers with slight variations. But when it happens it feels like internal whiplash. Often it feels like a free fall—that never ends. And when it does end, the residual effects seem to linger like a skunk that’s been run over. In LeaderShifts, my friend Bishop Joseph Walker will shock you with his transparency, guide you in your free fall, and sustain you with God’s faithfulness. This book will give you an overdose of encouragement.
– Dr. Samuel R. Chand, Author of Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code (www.samchand.com)

This book is so important because it’s easy to miss the shift because of past success. Getting stuck in tradition is nothing but frozen success. From one of the most successful leaders of our time, Bishop Joseph W Walker, you will learn keys on how to shift at the right time. I have been successful through many decades, but even I have learned so much from this awesome leader. He's called me a teacher in his life and it's a great honor when the student teaches the teacher how to shift. I have learned so much from him. So will you I promise! I am honored to call him my successor in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship and I believe he is a premier voice for the next generation. If you desire the next level, this is a must read.
-- Paul S. Morton Sr., Presiding Bishop, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship

About the Author

Joseph W. Walker III

Joseph W. Walker III is bishop of Mount Zion Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee and Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. Bishop Joseph Walker is a popular preacher, who at the age of 24 began his pastorate at Mount Zion with only 175 members. Currently his ministry has grown to more than 26,000 persons with eight weekly services in three church locations.

Bishop Walker founded JWW Ministries, which has awarded over $500,000 in scholarships to deserving college students. Bishop Walker is also the recipient of numerous awards, sits on the Board of the American Red Cross, and holds a post on the Tennessee Human Rights Commission. Dedicated to community interests and vowing never to abandon the Mount Zion neighborhood, Bishop Walker launched the New Level Community Development Corporation (NLCDC) in 2001. The NLCDC is committed to low-and moderate-income families and community economic development.