Mobilizing God's People to Save the Earth

By Fletcher Harper Published
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God is calling us to live differently.

God is calling us to live differently. The challenges we face are imminent. GreenFaith provides vision, inspiration, and practical tools to help you build your faith while inhabiting a creation that is at risk. With honesty and candor, Fletcher Harper shows that it takes belief and practice, science and faith to sustain us and our planet. The book gives concrete examples and tips that will help people of faith and worshiping communities engage in Earth care—in bold, life-giving ways. Each chapter has questions to guide personal study and group conversation.

All bets are off if we go over the climate change cliff—a disaster greater than many Hurricane Sandys. There is no doubt that climate change is happening. While debated for years and despite some media reports to the contrary, the majority of people are ready to take action to avoid calamity. But what action is advisable or even possible? What can ordinary people do in the face of such staggering problems? Can or should faith communities play a part? Fletcher Harper shows how we can make a difference and make Earth a better world for all of us.


“Spirituality, stewardship and justice are key criteria proposed by Harper to green our faith traditions and pulpits--a most urgent task in our times. Valuable both as an introduction and to help us deepen our commitments to faith and the environment.”  
--Dr. Guillermo Kerber, Programme Executive for Care for Creation and Climate Justice, World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland

In this book Fletcher Harper takes on the noble and critical task of inspiring and motivating the faith community to take action in caring for God’s creation.  He challenges stereotypes about the Bible and Christian theology in regard to its message about nature, and he explores many of the world’s major faith traditions for significant practices and teachings on the environment.  He shares meaningful stories from his work with GreenFaith that provide a window onto humankind’s troubled relationship to the natural world.  This book contributes to a growing body of work that shows the religious and spiritual element of the ecological crisis, and the importance of the faith community’s involvement in solving difficult environmental issues.  Those who are seeking spiritual depth while wondering about the future of the planet – whether they are members of a faith community or not – will benefit immensely from taking the time to read this book and consider another narrative about the role of faith in ecological ethics.

-Rev. Dr. Daniel R. Smith, Lutheran Church of the Incarnation in Davis, CA 

The very first thing that God asks of those of us in the Judeo-Christian tradition is to exercise dominion over this earth, to dress and to keep it. Our dominion so far has been a pretty sorry affair: we’re turning the generally benign order of the Holocene into overheated chaos. It’s the great adventure of our time to try and reconnect with the world around us, and to do it with sufficient speed to save as much of the DNA around us as we can. But it requires our species learning how to fit in to the larger whole, which is precisely the task we were assigned in Genesis 1. This slim volume is a handbook for starting that process—for the inquiry we need to undertake if we’re going to be the people we’ve been called to be. If ever there was a book for its moment in time, this is it.


-Bill McKibben, Schumann Distinguished Scholar, Middlebury College

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About the Author

Fletcher Harper

Fletcher Harper is an Episcopal priest and Executive Director of GreenFaith, an interfaith environmental coalition. An award-winning spiritual writer and nationally-recognized preacher on the environment, he has developed a range of innovative programs to make GreenFaith a leader in the fast-growing religious-environmental movement. A graduate of Princeton University and Union Theological Seminary, Harper served as a parish priest for ten years and in leadership positions in the Episcopal Church prior to joining GreenFaith. He is also a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post.