Burning Bush 2.0

How Pop Culture Replaced the Prophet

By Paul Asay
Book - Paperback
Burning Bush 2.0
Paperback ISBN: 9781426787416
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Published April 2015

How Pop Culture Replaced the Prophet.

Maybe God doesn’t speak through prophets as often these days because he knows people wouldn’t listen. Maybe God speaks to us in different ways—and in the places he knows where we congregate: in our movie theaters, living rooms, iPods, and smartphones. Maybe God still longs to connect with us, and so goes into the places where we’re most likely to listen.

Burning Bush 2.0 is a whimsical and sincere examination of the ways God communicates with us—sometimes subtly and secretly—through our media and entertainment streams. Asay examines how faith and God’s fingerprints mark movies and music, television and technology. Through word and picture, God still speaks to us through unsuspecting voices—in ways we’re best able to hear—even if we don’t fully comprehend it completely in the moment. God is everywhere, and doesn’t ask permission to speak, shout out, or whisper his name.

Includes study guide for individuals and church groups.

About the Author

Paul Asay

Paul Asay is an Associate Editor for Plugged In, a popular Web site that reviews and critiques movies, music, television and the wider culture from a Christian point of view. The site receives more than 1 million hits every month. He also has written for a number of other print and online publications, including The Washington Post, Christianity Today, and Beliefnet.com. The author of God on the Streets of Gotham: What a Big-Screen Batman Can Teach Us About Spirituality and Ourselves, Asay is a former religion reporter with The Gazette, Colorado Springs’ daily newspaper. He has been married to Wendy for 22 years and has two grown children. They live in Colorado Springs.