Jesus Apprentice DVD

Doing What Jesus Did

Mixed Media
Jesus Apprentice DVD
Mixed Media ISBN: 9781426787751
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Published February 2015

Study at the feet of the Master.

This 4-week study by Jeff Kirby is a very simple introduction to a new
way of thinking about the nature of Christian living. Is a life of
becoming more like our teacher and mentor possible?

This four-session DVD features Jeff Kirby guiding us through Jesus’ key teachings and activities. It is designed for small group use, in conjunction with the book Jesus Apprentice.

All video sessions are approximately 10-12 minutes and are closed captioned.


About the Author

Jeff Kirby

Jeff Kirby serves on the Adult Discipleship Team at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. Among other duties, he leads men's ministries and the Alpha program, for which he is a national trainer. With COR since 2001, Jeff is a national and international educator and speaker, as well as a consultant on leadership development. His Bible study courses at Resurrection often bring in 500+ participants, who come to hear Jeff s rich and challenging style of teaching.