Worship Together in Your Church as in Heaven

Worship Together in Your Church as in Heaven - eBook [ePub]
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Published April 2015

Our world is not just changing—it has already changed. Has the way we worship followed the trend?

Worship Together in Your Church as in Heaven
is a practical and foundational resource for pastors and worship
leaders of all kinds. It addresses an urgent need in the church today:
as our communities become increasingly diverse, how can we offer worship
that is authentic and engaging for all of God’s people, including
longtime church members? The authors offer an empathetic, step-by-step
approach, providing readers with knowledge, skills, and strategies to
successfully introduce inclusive, multicultural worship in any setting.
Davis and Lerner are expert practitioners and pioneers who invite us to
break new ground with them, making worship that more closely reflects
God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
is more than a buzzword. It is God’s desire for the church. Davis and
Lerner’s practical approach shows us how to truly reflect God’s
multicultural kingdom in worship.”—Rosario Picardo, Executive Pastor of New Church Development, Ginghamsburg Church, Tipp City, OH
is an essential and practical guide that every worship leader, pastor,
and church leader needs to read, learn, digest, and practice.” —James R. Hart, President, Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies, Orange Park, FL
“Lerner and Davis’s superb book is a practical resource for connection and community-building in any environment.” —Lance Winkler, Director of Contemporary Worship, The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, Leawood, KS
Worship Together in Your Church as in Heaven
offers a wealth of good theology, encouraging case studies, life-tested
models, and strategies for developing multicultural worship in all
kinds of communities. We’ve been waiting a long time for this book!” —Robin P. Harris, President, International Council of Ethnodoxologists; Director, Center for Excellence in World Arts
Worship Together in Your Church as in Heaven
will help you identify the critical questions, take intentional steps,
and promote a spirit of inclusion in your church. Your worship will
reflect God’s love for all people, not just one kind of people, in an
increasingly diverse society.” —Mark DeYmaz, Lead Pastor, Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas; author of Leading a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church

About the Authors

Nikki Lerner

Nikki Lerner is an increasingly well-known worship leader, specializing in forming, developing and leading teams in multicultural worship. Since 2006, Nikki has served as the Worship Director at Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia, Maryland, leading worship for a multicultural congregation of more than 4,000 people every weekend.

Josh Davis

Josh Davis is a multi-ethnic worship leader, clinician, songwriter, ordained minister, and music missionary. A third-culture person himself, Josh served as a missionary to the Dominican Republic before founding Proskuneo Ministries (www.proskuneo.org), a ministry that exists to bring nations together in worship on earth as it is in heaven. Josh is the co-author of the book Worship Together In Your Church as in Heaven. In his spare time, Josh loves to jog, learn languages, and drink coffee. Josh lives with his wife and four children in Clarkston, GA where over 60 languages are spoken in a 1.5 mile radius.