Three in One

A Book About God

Book - Paperback
Three in One
Paperback ISBN: 9781426789090
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Published November 2013

A tree is more than its various parts, and those parts nourish us in different ways. Just so, God is more than the Father who gives life; the Son who came to earth and lived, died, and rose again for our salvation; and the Holy Spirit, the power and life of God within the hearts of those who love God. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit make themselves known to us in very different ways, and yet they are all God. God provides for us the nourishment we need to live full and happy lives. For ages 6-8

About the Author

Lynne M. Lepley

Lynne M. Lepley, graduate of Duke Divinity, is a United Methodist minister who is presently pastor at Catawba UMC in North Carolina along with her husband Ralph. She is also part-time campus minister at Mitchell Community College. Before entering the pastorate Lynne spent six years as a Media Specialist in both public and private schools. A published author for diverse audiences, Lynne was written for the Upper Room, DevoZine, Scrumptious Scriptures (books for children), and children's curriculum for Nazarene Publishing House and Rainbow Publishers. Her adult writings include Wesleyan citations for the upcoming Encyclopedia of North Carolina.