Journey with J.W.

John Wesley's Ride Through Methodist History

Book - Paperback
Journey with J.W.
Paperback ISBN: 9781501805066
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Published March 2015

Children will ride through United Methodist history with John Wesley and the early Methodists.

Children will experience life in the times of John Wesley and the circuit riders. It's a great learning experience that's fun!

Easy-to-follow directions for crafts, games, and music; scripts for historical dramas and Bible stories; ideas for setting up interest centers; and ways to utilize the gifts and talents of the adults in your congregation area also included.

Children will learn about the United Methodist heritage and how it has shaped who we are as people of faith, that God inspired John Wesley and other early leaders of our church to spread the good news about Jesus throughout the world, and that God continues to call us to tell the world about Jesus today!

About the Author

Daphna Flegal

Daphna Flegal is a diaconal minister in The United Methodist Church. She is a certified laboratory leader in the area of young children and has worked with preschool children for more than 20 years. Daphna is currently the lead editor for children's curriculum. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.