The Works of John Wesley Volume 27

Letters III (1756-1765)

By Ted A. Campbell Published
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The third of seven volumes of John Wesley's correspondence, this volume is devoted to Wesley's letters written from 1756 to 1765.Although many of the letters of John Wesley are of value as literature-especially as crisp statements of his views or desires with little attempt at embellishment-their major importance is as a revelation of him as a man and of the people and events of his day, especially those linked with the Methodist movement. They furnish us, in fact, with a portrait through 70 years that is both more revealing in detail and fuller in coverage than any other source.

The correspondence presented illuminates critical developments in the Wesleyan movement in the period between 1756 and 1765, including very significant rifts between John Wesley and his brother Charles and between John Wesley and his wife Mary, Wesley's attempts to deal with radical enthusiasts and separatists (such as Thomas Maxfield) within the Methodist movement, his relationship to Greek Orthodox leader Gerasimos (Erasmus) Avlonites, and Wesley's activities related to the Seven Years War.


“This compilation of Wesley’s letters reveals how his theological vision was constantly unfolding. He was constantly reassessing the theological options available to him in a quest for truth and faithfulness. For the reader, the beauty of these letters is that they provide a glance into an intimate experience of theology rehearsed in relationship with others and of dialogue and debate as expressions of friendship and trust.”

Javier A. Viera, Dean and Professor of Pastoral Theology, Drew University Theological School, Madison, NJ


“This third volume of John Wesley’s letters is a most welcome chronicle. It reveals an intimate picture of Wesley’s concerns for the health and wellbeing of his friends and associates, his theological reflections in vibrant dialogue with others, his guidance for church practice, and his political and social investment in the world in which he lived. Wesley’s lively exchanges with friends, colleagues, and critics also reveal many of the values and issues that pervaded this vital period of the Methodist movement. The volume itself is meticulously researched, edited, and supported with important explanatory material. For scholarship and teaching, this is a jewel.”

—Mary Elizabeth Moore, Dean of the School of Theology and Professor of Theology and Education, Boston University, Boston, MA



About the Author

Ted A. Campbell

Ted A. Campbell is Professor of Church History at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University and has authored the following books for Abingdon Press: Methodist Doctrine, Wesley and the Quadrilateral, Wesleyan Essentials in a Multicultural Society, and John Wesley and Christian Antiquity. He lives in Dallas, Texas.