Earn All You Can

Getting Rich for Good

By Donald R. House Published
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A fresh take on the positive role of economic growth from a Christian perspective.Is the gap between rich and poor really the fault of the financially successful? Much of the modern Christian and secular conversation around wealth contends that a widening gap separating the rich and the poor is both a reflection of an unfair economic system and a failure of Christians to sufficiently assist “the least of these.”

Earn All You Can introduces important economic principles contained in the works of several Nobel Prize winning economists in conversation with foundational Christian ideas about wealth and success rooted in Jewish teaching, Roman Catholic literature, and the sermons of Methodist founder, John Wesley. Economic theory, Jewish oral traditions, important papal letters of Pope Pius IX and John Paul II, and the sermons of John Wesley provide a context for understanding frequently cited scripture passages on wealth and poverty.

The conclusion? The rising gap between the rich and the poor, particularly since the Industrial Revolution, is a reflection of economic growth that has lifted more out of poverty than any other process known to humanity. Moreover, the most significant charitable programs in the early history of America largely followed key basic economic and Christian principles.


"Don House combines important religious writings with a fundamental understanding of economics that makes his analysis of income and wealth inequality unique. Since this remains an important issue in America today, his contribution is significant."

Phil Gramm, retired US Senator 


“Donald House brings together the basics of economics and Christian teaching about money, wealth, poverty, and justice in an interesting and helpful combination. His analysis is insightful and worthy of consideration by all Christians concerned with such issues in America today.”

Scott J. Jones, Resident Bishop, Great Plains Episcopal Area, The United Methodist Church



“Just below the surface in every congregation are economic assumptions that shape all kinds of action, yet these are virtually never discussed. Don House has given us a book that will surface those assumptions. Be ready for vigorous conversations that need to happen.”

Lovett H. Weems Jr., Distinguished Professor of Church Leadership and Director of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC




About the Author

Donald R. House

Donald R. House, Sr. (Ph.D. in Economics, Texas A&M) is president of an economic research firm (RRC) located in Bryan, Texas, delegate to the General Conference of the United Methodist Church five times, twice leader of the Texas Annual Conference delegation, member of the Council on Finance and Administration of the Texas Annual Conference for 16 years—chair for eight years—and current chair of the Economic Advisory Committee to the General Council on Finance and Administration. He lives in Bryan, Texas.