Groove: Grace Student Journal

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Groove: Grace Student Journal
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Published December 2015

Grace is a church word that sometimes gets lost in the world of
teenagers. Research shows that most teenagers have embraced a system of
belief in which being a follower of Jesus is defined by behavior,
instead of the grace of God offered through Christ.

Grace is designed to show youth that grace is a real, practical
force in their lives even in the midst of brokenness, fear, doubt, and
stress. These key factors can often become major stumbling blocks for
youth if they are not equipped with the tools to understand how God’s
grace operates in each of these areas.

Each lesson in the Groove: Grace Student Journal includes daily
devotions and reflections to help young people work through the issues
raised. Sometimes the lessons leave youth with more reflection and
processing to do; such challenges help youth develop a maturing,
deepening faith that will last into adulthood.

The Groove Bible study series invites teens to learn the
essentials of their faith, own their story, and engage the world in
serving Jesus. Each topical study consists of four weekly sessions that
are easy to lead and relate to life issues teens face. With up to 48
weeks available, Groove is great for Sunday and mid-week gatherings for
both large and small groups as well as retreats. The student journal contains session-specific questions, background information, and daily devotions for each session.


About the Author

Tony Akers

Tony has a Master s degree in Christian Education/Youth Ministryfrom Asbury Theological Seminary and has entered his third decade of serving inyouth ministry. He currently serves as the Minister to Youth and theirFamilies at Trinity United Methodist Church in Huntsville, Alabama. He isprivileged to be married to Debbi and dad to Madison, Samuel, and Hannah Grace.When not dreaming how to do youth ministry better, Tony can be found at asoccer game, kayaking on the river, or reading.