Hollow Faith

How Andy Griffith, Facebook, and the American Dream Diluted the Gospel

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Hollow Faith
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Published December 2015

Recognize and separate the values of the gospel from the cultural norms.

This book for youth leaders, pastors, and parents looks deep into the mirror of pop and church culture and asks the difficult, and often maddening, question, “Are those things we produce and consume defining us?” Author Stephen Ingram explores these themes of moralism, deism, meism, consumerism, pluralism, and therapeutic religion of pop culture, as well as current sociological and psychological data.

Hollow Faith separates the values of the gospel from the cultural norms that have domesticated them including:

  • How we believe we should act (The Andy Griffith Show)
  • How we want to be known (Facebook)
  • What we aspire to become (the American Dream)

Ingram says that once we recognize these serious shifts in our faith, we can begin to have discussions, develop plans, and form actions to reclaim the vibrant, life-giving faith of the Bible. Includes a Parents Guide in the back.

About the Author

Stephen Ingram

Stephen Ingram is a dad, husband, and foodie. He has the joy of serving as the Director of Student Ministries at Canterbury United Methodist Church in Birmingham, AL. Stephen a BA in Religion from Samford University and a Masters of Divinity from McAfee School of Theology in Atlanta. Stephen has worked as a student minister for over 16 years and also serve as a lead consultant with Ministry Architects. He lives in Birmingham with his wife, Mary Liz, and their three children, Mary Clare, Patrick, and Nora Grace.