The Changeover Zone

Successful Pastoral Transitions

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The Changeover Zone
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Published April 2016

Step-by-step, hands-on application of techniques and principles that bring about successful pastoral transitions.

How clergy and congregations can navigate the tricky transition from one pastor to the next.

The Changeover Zone addresses a critical and perennial need in the church: the process of handing the baton of pastoral leadership from one person to the next. Authors Jim Ozier and Jim Griffith offer practical, clear instructions and guidance for both clergy and congregations. They provide detailed sections especially for clergy who are taking over from a founding pastor and for those replacing long-tenured pastors. The book is packed with real-church examples, helpful tips and tactics that have been proven successful. This resource will expertly guide pastors, supervisors, and congregations in nearly any church setting or denomination.

I just love this quote from the book: "How fast you run will keep you in the race; how well you hand off will win it". Over the next 10 years we will see one of the largest pastoral leadership transitions in our history. How well we handle this hand-off to the next generation may well determine our future. The Changeover Zone is timely, helpful and insightful as we approach these transitions in leadership. Every personnel committee, pastor, judicatory leader, district superintendent and bishop should read this book before approaching any major leadership changes. --Bob Farr, Director of Congregational Excellence, MO Conference, UMC; author, The Necessary Nine

The Changeover Zone provides a roadmap for how to make healthy pastoral transitions, especially in churches making their first transition or first transition in a long time.  This book will help you learn how to not only survive a church pastoral transition but how to thrive and gain momentum through the transition.  We have utilized this roadmap in East Ohio and it works. I recommend this book to anyone involved with pastoral transitions at any level.  --Kelly P. Brown, Director of Congregational Vitality, East Ohio Conference, UMC

A great resource for pastors and churches who are going through transitions. I love how the change in a church pastor is seen not as an event, but as more of a process and from various key perspectives. This will be a valuable tool for my coaching with pastors and churches who are entering a season of transition. --Ken Willard, leadership coach, certified church consultant, and author, Time Management for the Christian Leader

When our church learned that both long tenured pastors were leaving at the same, we knew we needed expert help.  Jim Ozier led our leaders in a workshop based on The Changeover Zone to prepare us for this scary change. In this book the authors use sound biblical footing to show you what to do and how to do it, as you go through a pastoral change. --Cheryl Lee, SPPR Chairman, Ebenezer United Methodist Church, Suffolk, VA    

The action plan for the 100 days before and after a change of pastors (the Changeover Zone) is brimming with time-tested wisdom.  Pastors, churches, and supervisors will be prepared to not only minimize the pain and confusion that comes with pastoral transitions, but actually maximize the potential for growth and new life in congregations. --Ken Irby, Shreveport District Superintendent, Louisiana Annual Conference, UMC

This book is filled with insight and excellent counsel. I have been using the authors’ advice on making a great handoff for several years. You will nod your head as you read, and say, Of Course. Keep nodding. It will make a difference in raising up stronger leaders and building reproducible systems. And that’s what we all want. --Cathy Townley, Townley Coaching

FINALLY! A simple, straightforward way to think about an essential part of ministry - transitions.  Transitions can make or break a ministry and too often they happen without the purposeful thought that can make them successful. Whether your context is a new start pastor moving on or a long tenured pastor receiving a new appointment, this book will be your comprehensive guide in the process of ending well and starting strong.- Rev. Nicole Reilley, Director of New Ministries, Cal-Pac Conference

About the Authors

Jim Ozier

Jim Ozier is an established motivational speaker and presenter for religious groups, civic organizations, and corporations. Based on techniques and ideas learned from his experiences with Southwest Airlines, he has conducted numerous seminars on culture and hospitality for thousands of pastors and laity in churches, districts, and annual conferences. He lives in Irving, Texas.

Jim Griffith

Jim Griffith is the Founder of Griffith Coaching. He began his ministry by starting new churches for the purpose of reaching new people. He started five new churches in Florida, North Carolina, and Denver. Since then, he and his network of associates have assessed over 1,900 church planting candidates, trained thousands of planters, and coached hundreds of new churches. He lives in Orlando, Florida.