Switch Off

The Clergy Guide to Preserving Energy and Passion for Ministry

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Switch Off
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Published August 2016

You can only preserve your passion and energy for ministry by learning to use your Off switch!

Many members of the clergy are committed to their vocation, yet struggle to remain engaged and energized. The pressures of congregational and family commitments take their toll.

Clergy are part of a profession like no other. However you define it, the label “clergy” represents a collection of roles that come together in various combinations based on religion, congregational size and congregational structure. Frustration can build when clergy think they are delivering what is expected of them and feedback (formal or informal) is received to indicate expectations are not being met. Worse, in the absence of feedback, clergy can be caught off guard if they assume everything is fine only to learn unexpectedly everything is not fine.

This book will help you examine the roles you inhabit and the roles of others around you. You will also be challenged to look at old problems in a new way and offered tools to unwind the complexities of your personal situation and develop new habits to manage expectations.

About the Authors

Heather Bradley

Heather Bradley has served leaders her entire career. From Fortune 500 Vice President, Human Resources to multi-credentialed executive coach, Heather is an HR turnaround expert, specializing in successful integration mergers and acquisitions. Heather is an avid figure skating fan and was named as a fan blogger by the US Figure Skating Association. She lives in Toledo, OH with her husband Gary and their two rescue kitties, Mr. B. and Jay.

Miriam Grogan

Miriam Grogan is an executive and leadership coach. For more than 15 years, she has worked with professionals at the top of their game to help them be even better. She holds 3 coaching certifications, and a BBA, Finance magna cum laude. In 2004, Miriam appeared on Jeopardy! competing against 74 game winner, Ken Jennings. Miriam lives in Silver Spring, MD, where she and her husband, Sean, raised 6 puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind.