Are You Fired Up or Burned Out?

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Are You Fired Up or Burned Out?
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Published March 2016

Stay fired-up about life!

Have you ever felt a little bored, tired, or stressed about your life and even your faith? Haven’t we all? This “world weariness” can happen to anyone. Yet Jesus came that we might have exciting, joyful, abundant life!

The question is… how?

In Are You Fired Up or Burned Out? best-selling author James W. Moore explains how to move from fatigue to favor. In short, encouraging, and practical chapters, you will learn how to Recognize-Remember-Relax:

  • Recognize your fatigue limit
  • Remember your priorities
  • Relax your soul in God

Today's busy world may bring a tiredness that can settle on the human spirit. Struggling through hectic, frenzied, stressful lives, we scrape and scramble toward something that leaves us...empty...and feeling cheated, let down, and bone weary. God doesn’t want it to be that way for us. Find out how, with His help, you can stay excited, exhilarated, fulfilled, and truly fired up about life.

About the Author

Rev. James W. Moore

James W. Moore (1938–2019) was an acclaimed pastor and ordained elder in The United Methodist Church. He led congregations in Jackson, TN; Shreveport, LA; and Houston, TX. The best-selling author of over 40 books, including Yes, Lord, I Have Sinned, But I Have Several Excellent Excuses, he also served as minister-in-residence at Highland Park United Methodist Church.