Execute Your Vision

The Practical Art of Ministry Leadership

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Execute Your Vision
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Published October 2016

Explores how the pastor can turn visions into reality.

Dreams and visions are amazing gifts from God. They are at the heart of God’s plan for our lives. Anyone can have an idea, but not everyone will experience that vision come to fruition. This book explores how to turn visions into reality in a fast-moving world that is changing at an exponential rate.

A lot of books have been written the past few decades on how to lead in a rapidly changing world. So why should you read another one? That question deserves an answer.

This book focuses on the obstacles that keep most leaders from turning their visions into reality. In consulting with over 700 churches in the past 25 years, one problem clearly stands out above all the rest. Pastors find it hard to execute a vision. Ideas aren’t hard to come by; making them happen is another thing altogether.

This book will note how the Church missed out on prime opportunities during the middle of the 20th century in the United States when our culture went through a significant transition. Pastors, especially those who are younger, would do well to learn from these past lessons and apply that to a similar moment of transition in our contemporary society.

As you read, you will find Reflection Points. They will help the you apply the concepts to your situation.

About the Authors

Bill Easum

Bill Easum is President of The Effective Church Group, a church consulting and coaching firm. One of the most widely sought advisers on congregational health and vitality in North America, he has over 30 years of congregational experience, with approximately 25 years' experience as a pastor. One of the most respected voices on emerging forms of ministry and congregational life, he is the author of several books, including Unfreezing Moves, Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask First, Go Big!, (with Bil Cornelius), and Ministry in Hard Times (with Bill Tenny-Brittian), and Preaching for Church Transformation, all published by Abingdon Press.

Scott Musselman

Scott Musselman is a senior consultant and coach with The Effective Church Group. He is known around town as Mr. Hospitality because of his work in transforming churches into bastions of welcome. In addition, he also specializes in conflict reconciliation. Scott is an experienced church leadership coach and has been a confidant for hundreds of church pastors over the years.