BeTween Everything

Teacher Helps for Transitioning Preteens

Book - Paperback
BeTween Everything
Paperback ISBN: 9781501821387
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Published November 2015

BeTween Everything is a book designed to help Sunday school teachers deal with preteens - specifically fifth, sixth, and seventh graders - who are literally between everything. This book will help teachers smooth the transition for preteens as they take the giant steps from childhood to youth to adulthood, and from concrete thinking to abstract thinking. The book looks at how their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development affects how we teach tweens. The cultural issues that pervade their lives is also dealt with. Gives specific helps for teaching tweens including what to avoid.

About the Authors

Ed Trimmer

Ed Trimmer has been teaching youth ministry in academic and seminar settings for over twenty years and working in youth ministry since 1971. He has four grown children and continues to be a foster parent with his wife, Peggy, who is an outreach specialist to troubles youth and their families. Ed is an author of many youth books and articles. Ed has started youth organizations and created new degree programs at academic institutions that focus on youth ministry. He is committed to helping young people find Christ and find a place in the church.

Patty Meyers

Patty Meyers is an Associate Professor of Christian Education at Pfeiffer University. Before moving to Pfeiffer Patty taught at Marylhurst University near Portland, Oregon. Patty has won numerous awards for her outstanding teaching. She is a popular nationwide speaker and workshop and retreat leader. Patty is committed to helping students become all that they can be by living life’s questions with them and bringing every possible resource to assist and support their dreams.