Confirm Mentor Guide - eBook [ePub]

Your Faith. Your Commitment. Gods Call.

Confirm Mentor Guide - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781501827006
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Published December 2016

Your Faith. Your Commitment. God’s Call.

Too often confirmation has been downgraded to the role of a checkpoint along the faith journey. The Confirm family of resources reclaims confirmation as the first step on a journey that leads to a mature, adult faith. Confirm treats confirmation as more than a decision. Instead, it is the beginning of a conversation about what it means to be a Christian, living out your faith, your commitment, and God’s call.

Confirm is an easy-to-follow and fully customizable confirmation program that can be used virtually any church setting and with a wide variety of schedules. You have the option to schedule your lesson choices and the tools to organize your own confirmation program over the course of a school year, a 3-year span, or in any other way that meets your needs without having to purchase additional customizable content.

With flexible and easy-to-understand materials, Confirm provides students with the basic beliefs of a theologically sound, United Methodist faith while engaging them in creative and thought-provoking activities to help them internalize what they’ve learned. Confirm also embraces the importance of community in the journey of faith development, and provides materials to encourage cooperation with parents and mentors in the confirmation process and beyond.

The Mentor Guide provides an overview of the confirmation process and equips mentors with suggested relationship building ideas, as well as providing some of the do’s and don’ts when taking on the role of mentor. A mentor doesn’t need to be a trained theologian or someone who has all the answers. Rather, a mentor is an adult who is mature in the faith and can walk alongside a young person the confirmation journey.