Pond River Ocean Rain

Find Peace in the Storms of Life

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Pond River Ocean Rain
Paperback ISBN: 9781501831034
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E-Book ISBN: 9781501831041
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Published February 2017

Calm the storms of your life with the presence and power of God.

For those who seek to find new depths in their spiritual lives, Pond River Ocean Rain helps readers wade into the beautiful water that is God through stories, questions, and accessible illustrations.

Feel the Living Water wash over you while contemplating chapters on stillness (such as a pond), the full trust in God’s will (much like the rush of a river), peace within mystery (as experienced in the depths of the ocean), and the movement of God’s relentless love for us (the refreshing rain we receive).

Pond River Ocean Rain, like all bodies of water, is simple, occasionally wild, and consistently beautiful. And there are depths that, when explored, reveal abundant life for all who jump in.


About the Author

Charles Lattimore Howard

Charles L. Howard is the University Chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania, his alma mater. He is a contributor to multiple publications, including: The Huffington Post, Christianity Today, Sojourners Magazine, Black Arts Quarterly, Black Theology: An International Journal, DailyGood, Urban Cusp, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Slate. Charles lives in Philadelphia with his wife and best friend, Dr. Lia C. Howard and their three daughters.