Pray Like Jesus

Rediscovering the Lord's Prayer

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Pray Like Jesus
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Published February 2017

Examine the most famous prayer in the world to find rich spiritual guidance.

The Lord’s Prayer is the most famous prayer in the world and is remarkably simple and brief. In only 70 words Jesus covers the breadth of the Christian message and experience. Most Christians already know it by heart and can easily recite it. In fact, that might be part of the problem—it is so well known and easily recited that most of us never even think about the words as we rattle them off silently or in a corporate worship setting.

In Pray Like Jesus, pastor and author Don Underwood reexamines the content of the Lord’s Prayer and discovers within it insightful spiritual guidance for developing a rich devotional life. At the end of each chapter, he suggest ideas for making the prayer a part of daily spiritual disciplines.


"Don Underwood combines pastoral experience with biblical and theological insight to help us rediscover the Lord's Prayer and allow it to become a living reality in our lives." James A. Harnish, author of A Disciple's Path, A Disciple's Heart, and Living with the Mind of Christ.
"Don points out that the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, not after hearing the Master give a powerful sermon, but after watching him pray. They saw what prayer did for him, and they wanted it, too!" James W. Moore, author of Yes, Lord, I Have Sinned, but I Have Several Excellent Excuses


About the Author

Don Underwood

Don Underwood, in his 30th year as Senior Pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas, is the author of a popular weekly blog and author of the The Long View: Reflections on Life, God, and Nature a collection of his much loved weekly essays.