happy? Leader Guide

what it is and how to find it

By Matt Miofsky Published
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Find lasting happiness and contentment in your life.

We all dream of being happy. If we could just lose the extra weight, get the job, buy the house, we could truly be happy. But over time, it begins to seem as though lasting happiness is unattainable. Despite our best efforts, true happiness will never be a reality for us. So how do we find lasting happiness and contentment in our lives? Maybe the answer isn’t in our own lives at all.

Matt Miofsky connects the existential question, “Am I happy?”, with basic theology and unexpected biblical texts. Starting with the book of Ecclesiastes, considering if any "thing" can make us happy, he explores the value of relationships, a forgiving lifestyle, living in the present, feeling gratitude, and learning to release control.

The Leader Guide contains everything needed to guide a group through the 4-week study including session plans and discussion questions, as well as multiple format options.


About the Author

Matt Miofsky

Matt Miofsky is Lead Pastor of The Gathering United Methodist Church, Saint Louis, Missouri, a church begun in 2006 with over 1,000 people worshiping each week across four sites and 8+ services. The Gathering was founded with a vision of creating a Christian community that is compelling for new generations in Saint Louis. Matt gained a degree in Advanced Math and played football at Washington University and then attended Candler School of Theology. Matt lives with his family in Saint Louis, Missouri.