Leadership Directions from Moses

On the Way to a Promised Land

By Olu Brown
Book - Paperback
Leadership Directions from Moses
Paperback ISBN: 9781501832536
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Published April 2017

Learn to stay focused on God’s call and God’s promises for you as a leader--even when your journey becomes confusing, rocky, or lonely.

Author Olu Brown shares principles from the story of Moses, to guide leaders through some of the most gut-wrenching situations they will face. Leadership Directions from Moses answers the question, ‘How can I remain effective in answering my own call, when people around me—some of whom are trusted friends and colleagues—will not (or cannot) stay on the journey we’ve set out to complete? How can I keep moving forward, when the path suddenly becomes so difficult?’
The book covers topics like how to help others leave gracefully, how not to be upended when others choose to leave, how to have difficult conversations, and how to find unexpected opportunity in the challenge of new vacancies. It is full of practical help, including examples from pastors and churches across the US. It is also filled with compassion and wisdom—a pastoral book for pastors facing this difficult, nuanced, and often-emotional topic.


About the Author

Olu Brown

Olu Brown is founding pastor (in 2007) of Impact Church Atlanta, one of the fastest growing UM church in the country - 85% growth over five years. He is a frequent speaker at events, especially among young clergy. He is the author of Leadership Directions from Moses.