A Grace-Full Life

God's All-Reaching, Soul-Saving, Character-Shaping, Never-Ending Love

Book - Paperback
A Grace-Full Life
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Published February 2017

Four-session study on the wonder of God’s grace.

Grace is God's all-reaching, never-ending, game-changing love for you and me. In this series, Jorge Acevedo and Wes Olds examine God's Word and discover how grace works in our lives and in our world. A Grace-Full Life seeks to answer the questions: In what ways is God an ever-present God?, Why does God want to have a personal relationship with me?, How can I fully experience and respond to God's grace?, How can I die well surrounded by God's grace?.

Themes include:

Prevenient grace: God's wooing or drawing grace

Justifying grace: God's saving grace

Sanctifying grace: God's grace that makes us more like Jesus

Glorifying grace: God's grace that welcomes us to eternity

Additional components for a four-week study include a comprehensive leader guide and a DVD featuring authors and pastors Jorge Acevedo and Wes Olds.


About the Authors

Jorge Acevedo

Jorge Acevedo is the Lead Pastor at Grace Church, a multi-site United Methodist congregation in Southwest Florida. Jorge led a group of young clergy in the creation of the book and Bible study Sent: Delivering the Gift of Hope at Christmas and is author of Vital: Churches Changing Communities and the World. He is a contributor to Circuit Rider magazine, Good News magazine, and Our Faith Today.