That'll Preach!

5 Simple Steps to Your Best Sermon Ever

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That'll Preach!
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Published May 2017

Offers a simple process and a ‘secret’ technique for great preaching.

Experienced preacher, teacher and author, Charley Reeb, gives readers a 5-step plan for writing and delivering a sermon that can transform lives for Christ. He covers preparation, sermon structure, storytelling, and how to ‘preach with presence’. He examines lectionary and topical preaching models, and shows the reader how to determine which model to use; he further instructs the reader to use the 5-step plan for each model. Finally, That’ll Preach! offers sermon outlines and full sermons, as examples to illustrate the book’s teaching.

The entire book stems from the author’s view that sermons must be engaging in order to be effective. This laser focus results in a book that is powerful and immediately useful, concise and purposeful. It is a book for every preacher.


About the Author

Charley Reeb

Charley Reeb is senior pastor of Johns Creek United Methodist Church just north of Atlanta, Georgia. He has served as a pastor for nearly twenty-five years in churches of every size. Under his preaching-focused leadership,
each of those congregations has seen significant—sometimes extraordinary—growth. Charley’s passion is helping other preachers, and he speaks and teaches nationally on the topic. He is also the author of That’ll Preach! 5 Simple Steps to Your Best Sermon Ever from Abingdon Press.