The United Methodist Church Financial Records Handbook 2017-2020

For Financial Secretaries, Treasurers, and Others

Book - Paperback
The United Methodist Church Financial Records Handbook 2017-2020
Paperback ISBN: 9781501835711
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Published August 2018

This handbook will assist you in the work of extending Christ's love through the business of receiving, distributing, and report gifts given by God's people for the mission and ministry of the church. You will learn more about the basic financial records and procedures you need to manage funds received by your church. Also included are instructions for good financial control and for using forms developed especially to assist United Methodist congregations.

For the Counting Committee
How to implement good accounting control for cash and other receipts
Step-by-step instructions for counting the offering and preparing the Cast Receipts Voucher and the bank deposit

For the Finance Secretary
How to initiate and maintain the Quarterly Report of Giving
How to prepare for distributing your giving reports

For the New Church Treasurer
Getting started
Creating or updating your Chart of Accounts
How to keep Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursement Journals
How to prepare your Monthly Treasurer’s Report and assist in reporting to the Charge Conference, District Superintendent, and Annual Conference.

And More...
The appendix provides a model for a more comprehensive recordkeeping approach using a General Ledger and includes instructions for preparing a Balance Sheet and Income & Expense Statement.

Available online with purchase of this resource, includes:

Searchable PDF of the Handbook.
Reproducible masters of helpful tools such as the Counter’s Tally Sheet, Remittance Advice Form, and Cash Receipts Voucher
Quarterly Report of Giving
All other forms mention in resource

The United Methodist Financial Records Handbook 2017-2020 was developed by The General Council on Finance and Administration of The United Methodist Church.