Holding Up Your Corner DVD

Video Stories about Race

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Holding Up Your Corner DVD
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Published January 2017

Video stories that will open participants to new ways of thinking, spur their own self-examination, offer a sense of common experience, and spur thoughtful dialogue.

Pastors will drive this process in their local churches. They will read the original book, Holding Up Your Corner, and will organize the Guided Conversations, at least initially. In most cases, the pastor’s church serves as host site for the one- or two-day Conversation experience. People from across multiple boundaries will be invited to participate, including people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, different social locations, different religious or spiritual identities, different genders, and different ages.  

The DVD includes video clips from clergy and other Christian leaders across the country. Each presenter shares a personal story related to one of the discussion points in the Conversation. These video stories are meant to open participants to new ways of thinking, to spur their own self-examination, to offer a sense of common experience, and to spur thoughtful dialogue.


About the Author

F. Willis Johnson

F. Willis Johnson has served in professional ministry in Indiana and North Carolina for the last 15 years. He currently leads Wellspring Church in Ferguson, MO, as senior minister, where thousands have been influenced by his prophetic, faith-filled reflections and strategies on social justice and racial understanding. He counsels Bishops, General Board agencies, Conferences and local churches across the country.  Johnson’s writing and lecturing credits range from TIME Magazine, National Public Radio, universities and seminaries, to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History Culture.

He is also Vosburgh Visiting Professor of Ministry and Social Engagement at Drew Theological School.