The Kaleidoscope Effect

What Emerging Generations Seek in Leaders

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The Kaleidoscope Effect
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Published September 2017

Today's leader must seek to find ways in which to constantly get better as a leader.

The Kaleidoscope Effect identifies the common leadership needs of emerging generations and provides church leaders practical “how-to” solutions for engaging and serving these generations.

Based on the research of author Scott Chrostek, this book dives deep into the character and leadership traits of both Millennials and Gen Z. Pastors, lay staff, and volunteers will learn how to steadily rotate their individual leadership skill sets while identifying common leadership needs that emerging generations crave.

The implementation of the ideas and principles found in this book will produce better leaders who will serve a greater number of people, resulting in the ability to cultivate and sustain attractive environments that ignite the imagination of emerging generations.

About the Author

Scott Chrostek

Scott Chrostek is pastor at Resurrection Downtown, a campus of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. Before life in the church, Scott spent five years working in the field of investments. Scott completed his M. Div. at Duke Divinity School and has served the church as an ordained elder for ten years.  Scott launched RezDowntown in 2009, and it has grown dramatically ever since. He is active as a coach and mentor to church planters across the country and spends time speaking with young adults about finding life at work. He lives with his wife, Wendy, and their son, Freddy, in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.