Top 10 United Methodist Beliefs: DVD with Leader Guide

By Don Adams
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Top 10 United Methodist Beliefs: DVD with Leader Guide
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Published September 2017

Using John Wesley as guide, this study describes the ten most important United Methodist beliefs.

There can be no doubt about what Jesus thought was “the main thing,” the Great Commandments to love God with our heart, soul, and mind and to love neighbor as yourself. What were the non-negotiables for the founder of the Methodist movement, John Wesley? Wesley’s first priority was to grow Christian disciples who loved God and neighbor with a holy love that keeps those Commandments.

As United Methodists what is our primary purpose? Put simply, it is to follow Christ as redeemed persons who put those Commandments into daily practice. Using John Wesley as guide, this book describes the ten most important United Methodist beliefs, so that we are equipped for every good work.

The book describes how a passionate Wesley can still inspire us to travel the road to perfection using these basic beliefs as signposts, not hitching posts, so that we can more fully follow Jesus. But discipleship can be arduous and God’s grace is not cheap. We must be prepared to walk the walk and not just talk. The Christian life is action packed with surprises at every turn. “Are you able?” as the old hymn asks. Yes, Lord, we are able through the power and love of God to be accountable to Jesus and each other.

The DVD features six sessions focusing on the chapters from the book Top 10 United Methodist Beliefs. The session topics include:
-    Part One: Introduction—Scriptural Beliefs & Conjunctive Theology (13:21)
-    Part Two: Scripture Is Our Primary Source & Reason, Tradition, and Experience (15:04)
-    Part Three: Grace Is the Necessary Glue of All Discipleship & Prevenient Grace (17:50)
-    Part Four: Repentance & Justification (15:23)
-    Part Five: Initial Sanctification & Holy Love (15:32)
-    Part Six: We Are Better Together & Entire Sanctification (13:47)

This DVD is not closed captioned.

About the Author

Don Adams

Don Adams is a native of Indiana. His MDiv is from Asbury Theological Seminary and his DMin is from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He is the author of With Hands Outstretched 2008 and has worked numerous Emmaus Walks and Kairos Prison ministry weekends. He has also serviced the church as the Valdosta District Superintendent, delegate to S.E. Jurisdictional Conference 2008, and as an alternate to General Conference in 2012. He lives in Albany, Georgia.